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About us

      We are the producer of unique food and drink multipurpose natural liquid spices called "Crushes". Flavours include Basil, Garlic, Ginger, Mint, Lemon and Turmeric with plenty benefits for everybody.

Crushes are convenient to use in its liquid form and that is why they are suitable to add to almost every drinks and every recipes also. 
As a first product we successfully introduced the winner of Bronze Medal on Irish Food Awards in 2014 Ginger Crush.


We are focused on our customers satisfaction, that is why we deliver only the highest quality products to the market using only strictly selected ingredients in our production process.

                 We do not use any artificial preservatives, additives or colourings!

               In February 2017 we introduced changes to our brand design to satisfy our               

                       customers not only by the taste, but also by adequate packaging.


                In October 2023, after many inquiries from our customers, we introduced round                           shaped bottles with the same capacity. 


                      Due to our recent innovations we reduced 65% of electric energy                              and we generate very low quantity of waste.


Our motto is: 

"Every drop matters"... because it might bring you more than you expect.

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