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Garlic Crush

Add to Food:

*Soups *Veggies *Potatoes *Rice *Sushi *Fish *Meats *Poultry *Stir-Frys *Pasta Dishes *Eggs *Marinades *Sauces *Salads & Dressings and many more.



...combines the convenience of use and unique natural garlic taste.

Its liquid form enables to dose and mix the spice precisely with your favourite  recipes, some drinks without peeling, chopping or grating. Garlic Crush can be consumed raw also. We use specially selected fresh garlic cloves and we squeeze the juice carefully mixed with specially prepared pulp , so you can enhance the taste of your food and drinks with full garlic cloves in liquid form at any time.

Add to Drinks:

*Water  *Veg Juices  *Smoothies *Milk Drinks *Alcoholic Beverages


Garlic Crush can be also mixed with our other products.

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